Client Feedback: EventPros, Inc.

Client Feedback: EventPros, Inc.

Cowgirl Kate (or Denise Cummings, depending on her daily alibi) is one of the most reliable and consistent performers we have ever had the pleasure to work with. The Bluegrass/Americana style of music her band plays blends in perfectly with every setting from a traditional October Fest to an annual company picnic. Denise has performed every year for one of our clients, who insist on having her back annually (and we agree!).

She is charming and delightful, a continual wonder for both adults and children, and knows how to engage an audience and involve them in the activities without being aggressive. Denise and Jackson Entertainment are our number 1 choice for this type of entertainment—professional, on time, and always ready, willing and able to take care of our clients. They give us peace of mind knowing this is one less area we have to worry about at our events.

John A. Short, President
EventPros, Inc.

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